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About us

Mission & Philosophy

As gent's clubs are scarce nowadays, it's only natural for the majority of people to wonder what Tone Singleton Club is all about. Even though there's much more to this project than meets the eye, the backbone of our mission is very simple:

To help you become a better man!

Yes, it is a bold statement. But, that's what real men do: achieve ambitious goals.

This website is not for everyone, we appreciate that (and by that we don't mean that it's being geared towards gentlemen who coin it... hell, no). Not all men were created equal. Despite common belief that man's mind is as simple as an on/off switch, we are, in fact, fairly complicated creatures. It is because of such beliefs that Tone Singleton Club has its place on the Web. This is a gentlemen's club where men unlock their full potential and become more sophisticated, educated, informed and confident. They simply become better. We strongly believe that this world will inevitably become a better place if it's being governed by great men. Wouldn't you agree?


Tone Singleton Club is essentially two simple things seamlessly integrated into one another:

  1. A men's magazine (gazette) where visitors will find interesting articles closely or remotely related to men's interest such as lifestyle, public image, relationship, health, wealth, trends, news and much more
  2. A curated web shop where we list quality items we think being appropriate for the gentleman that you are (or are about to become)

Who's behind the wheel?

Historically, Tone Singleton Club is a portal created by Malik Alimoekhamedov and Gregory Van Ass as a byproduct of their long-term friendship. Common interests, values and skill sets naturally influenced this idea. But what's an idea without execution? Just yet another thought going through your mind adding to the never-ending noise.

We don't pretend to do it all by ourselves. It's not the purpose either. People tend to specialize in a limited amount of domains. We just make sure we select the right people for the right job and deliver this compounded wisdom to you wrapped in a nice package.

Lots of smart, creative, educated and beautiful people are contributing to this project. Both male and female columnists, community managers, IT specialists, graphic designers, coaches and other gurus are all here to bring you the best of everything! And, yes, it's all free...