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Privacy Policy

Guarantee of Tone Singleton Club

We treat your data confidentially and in accordance with national and international provisions, including the Belgian Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in respect to personal data processing, as amended by the Act of December 11, 1998.

Purpose of the treatment of your personal information

By providing your personal data, you give us express permission to process this information for the purposes set out hereafter. Your data is included in the Tone Singleton Club files and we use it for managing our members and publications, services to improve the quality of our services (selections, product suggestions, etc.), to inform you of new services and products offered for sale on Tone Singleton Club. At any time and without any explanation, you may object to the processing of your personal data.


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Publication and disclosure of your personal information

Tone Singleton Club may have to disclose your personal data on request by a legal authority or in good faith in considering that such action is required to comply with any law or regulation. That is also the case in a trial against Tone Singleton Club to protect or defend the rights or property of Tone Singleton Club, our site users or Tone Singleton Club. Tone Singleton Club may be required to disclose this data to intervene, under extreme circumstances, in order to protect the personal safety of users of Tone Singleton Club and / or the public.

Your rights related to your personal information

Your right to request information

Tone Singleton LTD is the company responsible for the processing of your personal data, with registered office at Rue Henri Werriestraat, 6 1090 Jette / Brussels / Belgium. All your questions about the recording and processing of your data may be sent to this address. For more general information, you can always ask the Commission for the Protection of Privacy, with the Ministry of Justice and whose web site is at the following address:

Your right to access, rectify and contest personal information

On written request which must be dated, signed and sent to Tone Singleton Club, you can obtain a written communication of personal data about you free of charge, upon proof of your identity (copy of identity card) and, if appropriate, the rectification of any incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant information. A copy of your data will be communicated no later than 45 days after receipt of your request.

Violation of your privacy

If, at any time you Consider That Tone Singleton Club does not respect your privacy, you can contact us via the contact form on this website so we can address this issue.